The Curriculum

The Atlas finally shows you everything you need to learn to become a developer, but reading it is paralyzing. How do you actually go about learning all of it? How long is it going to take? Should you quit your job to study? Should you go to school? What kind?

The curriculum provides a step-by-step process for going from zero to hired and beyond, complete with lessons and projects curated from the best free online materials. Always know what to work on next and why.

There’s no single path through all of this content, and no two developers know exactly the same things. Developers disagree about the best way to teach new students, but I believe that the best place to start is learning how to make websites.

Why? Read What Should You Learn First?


Making Websites

Far beyond just learning HTML & CSS, this module covers everything you need to know to build and launch real sites. Starting from how websites even work, you’ll learn how to code and design real sites that look good and are easy to use. You’ll learn how the internet works and how to host a site that loads quickly. You’ll build and launch a portfolio website to showcase your work to future employers.

More to come

The curriculum is (forever) a work in progress. For a summary of where this is going, check out How to learn to code. For updates and support from me, Join the Mailing List.

In the meantime, there are many other projects out there that attempt to curate a curriculum for new developers: