Hi, I'm Jimmy.

Jimmy Longley

I’m building Developer Atlas to help beginners make sense of learning to code. Want to get in touch?

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About me

Before starting this project, I was working at Amazon Prime Air, Amazon's ambitious project to deliver packages to customers with autonomous drones. (Yes it is real, and yes it is still a thing). I've gotten to work alongside some brilliant people on some challenging and interesting projects, but my road to becoming a developer was never a sure thing.

I don’t have a Computer Science degree. I graduated from university one class short of a CS minor, but when I was trying to get my first internship, I had only taken the intro class. When I got my first interviews, I thought there must have been a mistake.

I frantically scoured the internet to figure out how tech interviews work, and crammed CLRS and hundreds of practice questions in two weeks leading up to my first interview. By some miracle, I got a job.

Despite my attempts to teach myself online, when I arrived at Amazon I was woefully unprepared. I had never used a terminal and wouldn’t have been able to tell you what TCP is; I was a total impostor. After years of textbooks in the morning and panicking through each day, I've slowly caught up.

I never lacked motivation, but I was this close to giving up on programming. There’s so much free stuff out there for learning how to code, so why is it still so hard? Developer Atlas is my mission to make it a little easier for you.

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